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Letters to the Editor

The Lincoln Daily News publishes letters to the editor as they are received.
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Lincoln Daily News requests that writers responding to controversial issues address the issue and refrain from personal attacks. Thank you!

Concerned for youth


Dear Editor:

When: Oct. 4, 6:30 p.m.

Where: Scully Park, at the fountain.

What: Our kids

Our community is losing its children at an alarming rate. If you havenít been affected by the situation, in one way or another, you must be passing through our city. My husband and I recently returned from vacation to find that another youth has been taken from our community. After several sleepless nights and a lot of talking with God, I wondered if there were others like me who are more than just a little concerned about what is going on in our community where our kids are concerned and would like to do something about it. I would like to invite you to a corporate time of prayer.

I first want to make a couple of points very clear:

ē  I am not representing any particular church, denomination, gender, race, ethnic background, socioeconomic status/level, station in life, or any other group.

ē  I am a sinner saved by the unfailing grace of Jesus Christ. I am not perfect, I make lots of mistakes, and a lot of people reading this have most likely seen a lot of the mistakes Iíve made first-hand. Praise God because you know what a miracle I really am!

ē  Iím sold out for Jesus, and I donít care who knows it or if Iím laughed at because of it.

Now that Iíve said that, Iíll say this:

I love our community and the kids in it. We need to get together in one accord (no, not a Honda), drop all our preconceived thoughts and notions at the curb. Leave social status, race, gender, jobs and hindrances behind to pray together for our children.

If youíre a young person and would like to be a part of this time together, please join me at the park. This is for you!

If only one person shows up, then this letter served its purpose. The Bible says where two or three are gathered togetherÖÖ

Stacy Martin



Please send your letters by e-mail to ldneditor@lincolndailynews.com or by U.S. postal mail to:

Letters to the Editor
Lincoln Daily News
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Y Can Do program thanks Elks


To the editor:

For the sixth year, 20 differently-abled young people will benefit from group programming in the YMCAís Y Can Do program thanks to the generosity of Robert Cortelloni and the Elks Crippled Children Fund. The Y Can Do program has been funded for 2002-2003 to provide activities and adventure for this group.

The group meets once a month at the YMCA Activity Center on Saturday from September through May to do themed craft activities, play games and have lunch. Parents are invited to attend, and transportation is provided to all activities all year-round. The program is run by a YMCA coordinator, Shanda Roderick, and five to eight volunteers.



In December, the group takes a trip to Wal-Mart, where they are given spending money to buy their family Christmas gifts. Their unselfish joy is expressed in their excitement to purchase a gift for their loved ones.

Then, in the summer, for one week in June and one week in July, the group goes on daily field trips to local and out-of-town destinations such as the museum, horse farm, petting zoo, parks, and everyone also enjoys a weekly cookout.

A big thank you to the Elks Club for their continued support of a wonderful group of young people.

Lincoln Area YMCA

Support for our two local Air National Guard pilots


Dear Editor:

I feel compelled to write this letter in support of our two local Air National Guard pilots, Maj. William Umbach and Maj. Harry Schmidt, who have had charges filed against them in connection with the "friendly fire" incident involving Canadaís military in the War on Terrorism. I am quite certain nobody could be more upset about this incident in which four innocent lives were lost and eight others injured than these two men.

Given the information provided these men on that night, they obviously felt they were under attack and needed to defend themselves from enemy fire or face probable death over the soil of Afghanistan.

Thanks to our superior military, the large majority of us will never witness what it would be like to feel threatened in this way over enemy territory. These men have chosen to make a career of defending our country and all that it stands for in hopes that during war efforts our country will remain the superpower our military has worked so hard to achieve over time. We should be honored to know that such dedicated Americans are willing to represent us in our efforts to preserve our nation when it comes under attack.

Unfortunately, unnecessary loss of life has always been and will always be a result of any war, but we need to stand behind these two exemplary pilots and hope that their careers are not lost to this very unfortunate incident in which they were not provided the pertinent and necessary information required for the safety of the Canadians involved. We have to remember that this bombing took place during a night mission over a war zone where there was no information received regarding "friendlies" in the immediate area. It cannot be said that any of us might not react in the exact same way under the same circumstances.


[to top of second column in this letter]

I hope our community can find it in their hearts to support these men and give them the respect they deserve for their attempts to serve our country in the best way they knew how. It is unfortunate to know that after giving so much of themselves in fighting for our country that now these men have to face criminal charges and yet another long, painful and costly battle in attempt to clear themselves of the charges that have been filed against them.

According to the AP these charges were filed from an office located within the Pentagon on Sept. 11, which was extremely distasteful considering that this war is a direct result of the unthinkable tragedies of Sept. 11, 2001. Had it not been for this tragedy, these servicemen would likely have been home enjoying the company of their families. I might have hoped that the officials working within the Pentagon would not have been so disrespectful as to have filed these incredible charges on this particular date, being that it now holds such great significance.

Our local guard unit went to war in defense of the heinous acts of terrorism inflicted upon our nation. Now it is up to us to show these two men that we are in support of their efforts to bring out the truth in the matters of that unfortunate night in April when many Canadian, as well as American, lives were changed forever. It is my hope that once the truth is disclosed, their names will be cleared of criminal charges and everyone will finally understand the truth concerning the moments surrounding the incident at hand.

Karen Cima


[See "Gov. Ryan urges support for accused Air Guard pilots," posted Sept. 21 in LDN.]

(Editorís note: Contributions can be made to the Pilotís Defense Fund, VFW Post 10302, 2349 Stockyard Road, Springfield, IL 62702.)



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