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Lincoln, IL

    posted daily aT NOON (CDT)

September 15, 2000


A strong foundation in history with a vision for the future

A portrait of Zion Lutheran Church

[AUG. 19, 2000]  The members and leaders of Zion Lutheran Church in Lincoln are strongly united in their dedication to the history of their church and its theological traditions but are not content to live in the past. During my recent visit, many members of the congregation expressed their desire to use their rich heritage as a springboard for evangelism and outreach into the community. As the mission statement of the congregation puts it, their goal is to "Share Christ's love with every generation," and it is clear they are seeking to do that in several ways.

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Part 2
Just do . . . . . .something!

Staying fit during the summer festival months

[AUG. 19, 2000]  If you are like me, you might find it difficult trying to stay fit while you are eating those delicious snacks at the county and state fairs. On top of that, it is mandatory that you eat at all the summer picnics you can get to. And before school starts, you have to have a few get-togethers that you know will be real food feasts with family and friends. So how can you possibly stay in shape while devouring all this? I don’t know! I do plan to run a series on this topic in the near future. Hopefully I will meet an expert in the field by then, because what I know about this subject could fill up a very small thimble. I have researched the topic a little, and in this article the LDN tackles the overwhelming task of getting in shape and striving to stay fit.

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L to R: Amy Rehtmeyer, Ali Perring, Michelle Kilhoffer, Christy Kemnett, Kerry Dobihal & Amanda Sheley.  Both the car wash and the cook out are part of a fundraiser for all Lincoln Railette groups.  The car wash girls are part of pompons.


Bob Verderber

Story signs with Lady Lynx

[AUG. 19, 2000]  Lincoln High School graduate Jenny Story has signed a letter of intent to play Lady Lynx basketball with Lincoln College.

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It’s the American way

A challenge to LDN readers

[AUG. 19, 2000]  In the first decades of the 19th century, Europeans were intrigued with America—this peculiar new nation, this loose collection of states, this wedge of soil between the blue Atlantic and the great western wilderness, this polity of rabble, this kingless land of no particular religion, this robust, untethered marketplace. So, curious Europeans did what Europeans do best; they traveled to our shores, observed our odd ways, returned to their homelands and entertained their countrymen with their tales.

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Jolly Seniors announce August program

[AUG. 19, 2000]  The Jolly Seniors group from Lincoln Christian Church invites those 55-plus to attend the monthly meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 22, at 10 a.m. at the church Fellowship Center, 205 N. Hamilton St.

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Free annual colorectal cancer screening

[AUG. 19, 2000]  Through mid-September, Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital (ALMH) is providing free colorectal cancer screening kits and lab testing to assist you in identifying indicators of possible cancer in the colon or rectum. Colorectal cancer is one of the most curable of all cancers when it is detected early and treated promptly.

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Readers invited to Harvest of Talents,
where millennium quilt will be sold

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