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Lincoln, IL

    posted daily aT NOON (CDT)

September 27, 2000

Logan County Board decides on liability insurance bid

[JULY 14, 2000]  The Logan County Board accepted a bid of $67,474 for one year of liability insurance from the L.L. Hubbard Co. The insurance plan provides complete coverage beginning July 16. The next lowest bid came from Perry Grieme Insurance, Lincoln, and was $43,000 higher. The board voted 8-5 for Hubbard’s bid.


An interview with Jeff Mayfield

Tomczak next to tackle Lincoln High School football challenge

Part 4 of 6

[JULY 14, 2000]  A new football coach has hit town. Ron Tomczak faces many challenges coming into his first season with the Lincoln Railers. With this in mind Coach Tomczak has come here with a plan...with a strategy to turn things around. Through July 17, you can read a series of questions and answers from an interview conducted by LDN Sports Talk writer Jeff Mayfield with Coach Tomczak. Get the inside scoop on how Coach Tomczak sizes up our team in the CS8, his strategy, philosophy and training plans to manage our team.

[complete story]


Animals for adoption

These animals and more are available to good homes from the Logan County Animal Control at 1515 N. Kickapoo. Fees for animal adoption: dogs, $60/male, $65/female; cats, $35/male, $44/female.
The fees include neutering.

Signs of summer 

The sunglasses guy is here again. Each year he sets up a colorful little tent out at Keokuk and Logan Street intersections selling a variety of sunglasses.


Vision more important than sight at Lincoln Hill Free Methodist Church

[JULY 14, 2000]  Bill Dolan, the new pastor at Lincoln Hill Free Methodist Church in Lincoln, does not have good eyesight, but he and his congregation have keen insight into where their church should be going and growing. Pastor Bill is one of the few blind pastors in the United States and the only one in the Free Methodist movement, but his visual disability does not hinder his spiritual and leadership ability. The future of this church will be built on five pillars that Pastor Bill and church leaders have set out as their vision statement. Those pillars include God-centered worship, developing the spiritual disciplines, a comprehensive program of Christian education, developing strong families and evangelistic outreach into the community.

[complete story]


[Note: Ten people kept asking me when I was ever going to get out of the house and see a real movie at the theater. They finally annoyed me enough that I went just to make them quit bugging me. Along with my significant-other and my daughter, Smidge, we caught the "Chicken Run" at the matinee.] 

"Chicken Run"

[JULY 14, 2000]  Trapped in a prison camp where they are deprived of dignity, freedom, and put to death if they don’t lay their quota of eggs, Ginger and the other Chickens hatch plot after plot to escape from the clutches of Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy, their captors. While they find ways to get one or two chickens out, their goal is for their whole chicken community to escape en masse. Time after time they fail in their quest, and Ginger is sent to solitary confinement, until one day when a strange "flying" chicken named Rocky arrives in the camp, promising to teach all the old hens how to "fly" the coop.

[complete story]

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