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Prayer in Scully Park

I just want to say that I think it’s great what Stacey Martin asked of Lincoln, and of Karen Lauer for the letter she wrote in the Lincoln letter to the editor [Oct. 26]. It really takes a lot these days to stand up and say what you feel to the public and to ask of the public to join in. And in Lincoln you will find many strong, good people who will and others that will come when asked. Just ask us and we will come.

Peggy Boggoch


(posted 10-30-02)


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Letter in response to Scully Park prayer article

To the Lincoln Daily News:

I want to take a moment and thank you for your support of the Scully Park prayer. Any effort to make a positive change should be praised, not criticized. Thank you for focusing on the positive.

Calling the town to prayer took much courage on Stacey Martin’s part. Attending took courage as well. I was angered when I saw another paper print a response that criticized the efforts of some 300 Lincolnites. If it were simple criticism it would be one thing, but what I read was a clear public hand-slapping. I wish to speak to this so-called offense.

[In the editorial]  It was pointed out that the prayer was to be nondenominational, but failed when Stacey mentioned the name Jesus. Non-denominational means all are invited.  

[Writer’s response] Stacey invited ANYONE. It was pointed out that if any Jews or Muslims were present that they would have been offended. This is a bold assumption. They too know that faith can make a difference. All children are at risk. The problem is bigger than differences of faith. The people who prayed did so because they believe and understand these things. Stacey merely spoke to the faith she holds; she did not deny anyone their own. 


[to top of second column in this letter]

It was also said that Stacey failed because she did not devise a plan of continued action. This is not what she invited people to do. Stacey invited people to pray. The response she got speaks for itself, as does the letter of criticism. People can appear enlightened when they wave the politically correct flag. People can also be exposed.

I encourage everyone who will to challenge the "PC" cancer that is infecting our country. Use your faith. Have courage. The very man that Lincoln is named after said it best: "You can please some of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of time." Heed his words. March on, Lincoln!

Karen Lauer

Longview, Wash.

Lincoln will always be "home"

(posted 10-26-02)

["Crowd turns out supporting Lincoln youth," posted Oct. 7 in LDN]

Looking for family

Hi, folks of Logan County,

Here comes another great story about American immigration: Johann Bauer (born April 2, 1876), a 15-year-old boy from Oberlaitsch, Oberfranken, (near Bayreuth) from a family of 17 (!) emigrated to the States in 1890 or 1891, seeing no chance for himself to prosper in the Old World. He settled in Lincoln, Ill., Logan County, as a farmer and grew a family of 10, as far as we know. Johann must have done well for himself, as he was able to revisit his German relatives in 1946, directly after the war.


We, his German relatives (Johann was my great-grandmother’s brother), would very much like to contact the American branch of our family. Who can help us to find Johann Bauer’s (or Bower’s or Bour’s or any similar form of the name) family in the USA?

Please contact:

Jürgen Hahn


Am Mühlbuck 9

D 91607 Gebsattel


Internet address: juergenhahn_@firemail.de

(posted 10-24-02)

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