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Atlanta land purchase
Peoria Region Economic Development Council and CEDS

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[November 20, 2017] 


In reference to the comments about the Atlanta Interstate Development made by a guest at Thursday evening’s meeting:

Lincoln Daily News recognizes and respects that the process of attracting a commercial development is a technical and often long process, and any business deal can become tenuous for any number of legitimate reasons while working out terms. Government and economic development entities, as well as private businesses, typically do not release names of businesses they are in negotiations with during the exploratory period. Doing so can damage trusts.

When terms are relatively agreeable, then it can be expected that it would be brought forth to the public awareness. Even then those potential projects may be subject to failure.

It can also be expected that the public would be invited to weigh in opinion during public hearing processes as projects move closer to potential reality.

The following is documentation about the land purchased by the city of Atlanta:

According to Atlanta City Council minutes, on March 15, 2017, the Atlanta City Council agreed to purchase 15 acres near Interstate 55. Five aldermen - Billie Cheek, Amber Finchum, Bob Polley, Adam McVey and Matt Clemmons voted yes. Alderman Bill Moore voted no.

The council also voted to hire Giebelhausen Group LLC, with the same voting outcome. Giebelhausen is a Peoria based commercial real estate developer who has worked successfully with the city of Bloomington in recent years.
At the conclusion of the meeting Alderman Moore resigned the council. http://www. atlantaillinois.org/2017.html

The city of Atlanta also has an Economic Development Commission. The last recorded minutes of the Atlanta EDC are for Aug. 31, 2017. The agenda lists: A. Interstate 55 Interchange Project – Proposed business. http://www.atlanta illinois.org/atlanta-economic-development-committee.html

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