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Saturday, October 21, 2017
published daily from 8am Lincoln, Illinois

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Employees of the Lincoln Post Office show off their new pink t-shirts in support of those who are fighting breast cancer. On the sleeve of the t-shirt is the slogan "No One FIGHTS Alone” along with the familiar ribbon. The pink movement at the Lincoln Post Office started several years ago with longtime USPS Letter Carrier Steve Shanle being the first to wear the color. Shanle, now retired, decided to wear a pink cap and a pink shirt in honor of his mother Norma, who passed away from cancer in 1997. Norma Shanle lived at 1225 Pekin Street and was known for feeding her son/mailman lunch back in the day. Shanle trained Monica (Rohlfs) McCullen her first day on the job and he took her to his mom’s house for lunch. Both remembered that Grandma Shanle had fixed pork chops that day and Shanle recalled McCullen saying, “I think I’m gonna like this job.” Twenty-six years later McCullen is still on the job and in charge of ordering pink t-shirts for the employees to wear each Friday. Shanle, incidentally, wore his pink hat and pink shirt every Friday all year long. By the time he retired, the hat and shirt were faded and filled with sweat stains, all for the love of his mom.

Lincoln Post Office employees pictured in the front row are Rich Jones, Steve Jones and Ryan Packingham. In the back row are Colin West, Shawn Lock, Roger Bakken, Teena Lowery, Ron Schaffenacker, Tracy Watkins, Dale Colaw, Monica McCullen and Dan Altig.

Photo and text provided by Teena Lowery  (Click on photo for larger version)

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A precautionary evacuation of a southbound Chicago to St. Louis Amtrak train on Friday morning resulted in passengers spending a few hours on the grounds of the Lincoln Depot. Reports that two bags were left behind by a departing passenger activated an emergency response to assure there was no threat to the passengers. The train was evacuated and taken out of town where a State Police K-9 unit investigated the bags and found nothing suspicious.

Photo by Nila Smith    (Click on photo for larger version)


The Logan County Department of Public Health will be closed on Monday, October 23rd due to a water line break resulting in no running water at the facility.

Don Cavi

Atlanta 4-H clubs collect caps for benches

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