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SPECIAL EVENTS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Blood center needs community supportKiwanis honors 4-H’ers,  Cubs vs. Cardinals

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Blood center needs community support

The Central Illinois Community Blood Center provides all of the blood and blood products for 12 area hospitals, including all of the hospitals in Lincoln, Hopedale, Springfield, Taylorville, Jacksonville, Pittsfield, Carlinville, Carrollton, Hillsboro and Pana. CICBC is a community-based blood center whose mission is to provide a safe and adequate blood supply for patients in local hospitals. No other organization provides blood in these hospitals.

At this time, blood centers across the nation are experiencing severe blood shortages due to summer heat, vacations and new FDA deferrals. CICBC must have the support of healthy community members in order to save the lives of your friends, neighbors and family members. After local needs are met, blood is shared throughout the United States through a resource-sharing network.

Every patient deserves to feel confident that the blood he or she needs is safe and available. A continued adequate local blood supply depends on community support.

There is a real need for O negative, A negative and B negative blood. The area center will be supplying blood for surgeries involving two open hearts and an aortic aneurysm, all using O negative. There has been an unusually high usage of the negative types this past week and concerns are high for this weekend.

There will be an opportunity for community members to help replenish the local blood supply and support their local first responders on July 16 at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., sponsored by the hospital auxiliary.

Three drives are scheduled in August: Aug 7, 19 and 30. Times and locations will be announced.

Please remember that the patients you are helping are your friends, neighbors and family members.

"It’s about life. Please donate blood."

[CICBC press release]


Kiwanis honors 4-H’ers

Eight Logan County 4-H’ers were honored at a luncheon on Tuesday, June 18, sponsored by the Lincoln Kiwanis.

The following individuals were recognized as outstanding 4-Hers: Nichole Benz, daughter of Doug and Joann Benz of Lincoln; Mark Cochran, son of Tom and Nancy Cochran of Mount Pulaski; Amanda Davison, daughter of Don and Sheila Davison of Beason; Kyle Janssen, son of W.C. and Mary Jo Janssen of Middletown; Marty Oltmanns, son of Clark and Dana Oltmanns of Lincoln; Jenna Opperman, daughter of Dave and Stephanie Opperman of Lincoln; Abrigail Sasse, daughter of David and Gail Sasse of Beason; and Krista Ubbenga, daughter of Kevin and Gail Ubbenga of Hartsburg. These individuals were nominated by their 4-H club leaders.

The overall winner of the Armin Fricke Memorial Award was Amanda Davison.

[From left to right: Jenna Opperman, Krista Ubbenga, Abrigail Sasse, Amanda Davison and Kyle Janssen.]

Cubs vs. Cardinals

Habitat for Humanity of Logan County is selling tickets to the Cardinals-Cubs game in St. Louis on Saturday, July 27. Game time is 12:15 p.m.

The cost is $20 per ticket, which includes a $1 donation to Habitat. There will also be a bus available. Bus and ticket cost is $45. The bus will leave from the Big R parking lot at 9:30 a.m. on July 27.

For tickets, call or stop by any of the following:

A.G. Edwards, Phil Dehner, (217) 732-3877

George Dahmm, (217) 732-6234

Chestervale Elevator, Allen Shew, (217) 732-4605

Illini Bank, Terry Lock, (217) 735-5400

MKS Jewelers, Melody Shew, (217) 732-6520

Chamber of Commerce, Connie Dehner,

          (217) 735-2385


Addresses of city and county officials

(Title, first name, last name, city or job title, address, city, state, postal code; phone)

Lincoln City Council members

Hon. Elizabeth Davis, Mayor, P.O. Box 353, Lincoln, IL 62656;  735-3912

Mr. David Armbrust, Alderman 3rd Ward, 700 Broadway St., Lincoln, IL 62656;  732-4261

Mr. Steve Fuhrer, Alderman 2nd Ward, 1203 Eighth St., Lincoln, IL 62656;  732-6679

Mr. Benny Huskins, Alderman 1st Ward, 412 N. Madison St., Lincoln, IL 62656;  732-3894

Mr. William Melton, Alderman 4th Ward, 1112 E. Burlington St., Lincoln, IL 62656;  735-2658

Mr. George Mitchell, Alderman 3rd Ward, 427 Wyatt Ave., Lincoln, IL 62656;  735-2151

Mr. Michael Montcalm, Alderman 5th Ward, 700 Broadway St., Lincoln, IL 62656;  732-6606

Mr. Verl Prather, Alderman 2nd Ward, 700 Broadway St., Lincoln, IL 62656;  732-4778

Rev. Glenn Shelton, Alderman 4th Ward, 920 Pekin St., Lincoln, IL 62656;  732-8749

Mr. Joseph Stone, Alderman 5th Ward, 270 Southgate, Lincoln, IL 62656;  732-1600

Mr. Pat Madigan, Alderman 1st Ward, 110 Park Place, Lincoln, IL 62656;  735-3724

Logan County Board members

Mr. Richard Logan, Chairman, Logan County Board, 1211 Fifth St., Lincoln, IL 62656;  732-8114

Mr. Lloyd Hellman, Vice Chairman, Logan County Board, 104 Prairie Lane, Emden, IL 62635;  376-3827

Mr. Roger Bock, Logan County Board, 450 450th Ave., Williamsville, IL 62693;  566-3867

Mr. Thomas Cash, Logan County Board, 230 S. Main St., Latham, IL 62543;  674-3423

Mr. Doug Dutz, Logan County Board, 119 Portland Place, Lincoln, IL 62656;  735-1478

Mr. Paul Gleason, Logan County Board, 1621 Rutledge, Lincoln, IL 62656;  735-9111

Mr. Jim Griffin, Logan County Board, P.O. Box 222, Lincoln, IL 62656;  732-7191

Mr. David Hepler, Logan County Board, 119 Lincoln Ave., Lincoln, IL 62656;  732-8586

Ms. Gloria Luster, Logan County Board, 106 N. Marion St., Mount Pulaski, IL 62548;  792-5275

Mr. Clifford Sullivan, Logan County Board, 519 Eighth St., Lincoln, IL 62656;  732-2539

Mr. Dale Voyles, Logan County Board, 543 11th St., Lincoln, IL 62656;  732-7901

Mr. Terry ("T.W.") Werth, Logan County Board, 123 Lincoln Ave., Lincoln, IL 62656;  732-9314

Mr. Rod White, Logan County Board, 477 1700th St., New Holland, IL 62671;  732-4793

Girl Scout announcements

  • Girl Scout leader meetings:  the first Thursday of each month, at the usual time and place.

Websites with lots of ideas that Girl Scout leaders, families or kids can use: 

See the website for Girl Scouts, Land of Lincoln Council, at

You can send questions and suggestions to the council by clicking here:

Also, see the national Girl Scouts site at

Logan County LEPC committee appointments

Logan County Local Emergency Planning Committee, the LEPC, held its spring quarterly meeting at the Logan County Safety Complex recently. Yearly elections for all offices, voting delegates, committees and chairs were held. The following members will serve as officers for the year 2002.

LEPC committee appointments

* Indicates chair

Hazard analysis — Dan Fulscher*, Kathy Waldo, Lisa Funk, Mike Patridge, Bobbie Abbott, Steve Siltman

Response and preparedness — Lisa Funk*, Rick Nesbit, Sheriff Tony Soloman, Police Chief Richard Montcalm, IDOT representative Mike Esker

Community awareness — Dan Fulscher*, Bobbi Abbott*, Linda Nelson, Joan Crabb, Don Begolka, Ken Davison

Health services — Kathy Waldo*, Lloyd Evans, Gary Bellafiore, Barb Kline, Roger Leesman, Marsha Stoll, Debbie Cook, Steve Siltman

Training — Mike Patridge*, Delmar Stewart, Sheila Nelson, Lincoln City Fire Chief Washam, Tom Martin

Community resources — Steve Siltman*, Lincoln Mayor Beth Davis, Atlanta Mayor Bill Martin, Dayle Eldredge, Curtis Sutterfield of the Salvation Army, Devin Vannoy, Ed Houchins

Representatives of constituencies

The law requires that one representative from each of the following categories be included in the LEPC membership. The delegate and predesignated alternate are listed for each constituency.

Local representative of elected official — Dayle Eldredge; Bill Martin

Law enforcement — Ed Baunach, Tim Butterfield

Civil defense and emergency management — Dan Fulscher; Terry Storer

Firefighting — Robert Washam; Roger Leesman

First aid and EMT — Steve Siltman; Tom Martin

Health — Kathy Waldo; Lloyd Evans

Local environmental — Mike Patridge; Warren Wendlandt

Hospital — Barb Kline; Gary Auten

Transportation — Don Begolka; Brian Hinds

Broadcast, print, electronic media — Joan Crabb; Jan Youngquist

Community groups — Mary Elston; Tammy Buse

Owners and operators of regulated facilities — Lisa Funk; Sheila Nelson

Red Cross blood drives in July

American Red Cross will have two blood drives at the Lincoln Sports Complex in July. They will be sponsored by Lincoln Printers, Inc. On July 3, hours will be from noon until 6 p.m. Hours on July 17 will be from noon until 5 p.m.

Also on July 17, Faith Lutheran Church will host a drive from noon until 6 p.m.

Atlanta Christian Church will be the site for a drive from noon until 6 p.m. July 18.

St. Peter Lutheran Church in Emden will host a drive on July 26, with hours from 2 until 6 p.m.

During June, the following people reached milestones in their blood donations: Willard Emmons, 13 gallons; Joe Reichle, 12; Nancy A. Lahr, seven; Larry J. Lessen, six; W.B. Franz, five; Richard D. Martin, three; Beverly Lessen, two; Paul Eckert, two; Thomas Steiner, two; Carolyn Follis, one; and Ruth A. Fredericks, one gallon.

Oasis update

The Oasis, Logan County’s senior citizen center, at 501 Pulaski St. in Lincoln, is open weekdays (except holidays) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The center also is open on Friday and Sunday nights for table games. Dominic Dalpoas is the executive director. Activities are open to all Logan County senior citizens, regardless of membership.

Ceramics classes

Classes in ceramics — the only such class now offered in Lincoln — will resume on July 11 from 9 a.m. to noon. Anyone interested in joining the group, please call The Oasis for more information.

Summer card party

Tickets are available at the front desk for the July 13 pinochle, bridge and rummy card party, starting at 1 p.m. The cost is only $5. Call your friends and get a table of four together.

Special Springfield trip

Call for a reservation for a trip to Springfield historic sites, including Lincoln Library, Old State Capitol, newspaper and state of Illinois archives. The trip is scheduled for July 15. A payment of $8.50 covers transportation and lunch.

Timeless musical

Seats are available for a July 21 trip to Sullivan to see "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." The cost is $24 for ticket and transportation. Dinner is on your own at Hometown Buffet. Call 732-6132 for a reservation.

Games and winners

The Oasis pinochle players were successful again this past week when they challenged the Springfield Senior Center players. Lincoln retained the "pinochle bell" with a score of 67,600 to Springfield’s score of 64,770.

Winners of weekend games were Marjorie Reiners for pinochle and Louise Weibers and Betty Burger for 5 in 1. Winners at daytime pinochle were Jean Cypher and Mable Hoagland.


Friends of The Oasis members receive bimonthly newsletters by mail. For more information, call The Oasis at 732-6132 or 732-5844.

YMCA news


Announcement forms are now available online! Print out yours, fill it out, and bring it or send it in to Lincoln Daily News. We welcome your pictures, black and white as well as color. This free service is extended to all of our readers. Your announcement will be posted online. Anyone, anywhere can read it! Now Aunt Betty in Florida, Uncle Bob in Alaska, and Cousin Frank in Fiji can log in and read your announcement on Lincoln Daily News!

[Click here to see and print the wedding announcement form]

[Click here to see and print the anniversary announcement form]

[Click here to see and print the engagement announcement form]

Mathias to marry Seggelke

Announcement is made of the engagement of Alysha Mathias and and Trent Seggelke.

Alysha’s parents are Mike and Joyce Mathias. Trent is the son of Tom and Rita Seggelke and Dale Seggelke.

Alysha has a bachelor’s degree in family life ministry from Lincoln Christian College and is intake coordinator for Bloomington Township

Trent has a bachelor’s degree in preaching ministry from Lincoln Christian College and is currently employed at Key Printing

The wedding is planned for Aug. 24 at First Christian Church, Clinton.


People all across this country and, in fact, around the world, claim roots in Logan County. They have very interesting stories to tell, and some of them like to connect with those of us who stayed at home. Logan County Diaspora publishes the stories of former Logan County residents. With their permission, we also include their e-mail addresses so that old friends might be reunited.  If you wish to be part of the Logan County Diaspora, e-mail  

Diaspora correspondents

Click on names to see letters and stories.

v Indicates LDN sponsors

Change of e-mail address

The new e-mail address for Tom Renner is


Family and Friends in the Armed Forces

It is a time like no other. Since Sept. 11 we are a changed nation. Individually, our daily sensitivity toward whom and what we have in our lives has been heightened. We are more conscious and appreciative, first about those we love and see every day. Next, we have a newfound appreciation for those who risk their lives every day as rescue workers and protectors of life and property in our communities. We also now think more about our military men and women who are committed to serve and protect our country. Many are away engaged in battle, some are in waiting to go, all are ready to lay their lives on the line in defense of our freedom.

Friends and relatives serving in the armed forces are listed here so we might all hold them in our thoughts, prayers and well wishes. If you know of other friends and relatives serving (they need not be from Logan County), please send the information to Along with the name, you are invited to include the branch of service, current location of service, postal address, e-mail address and relationship to the person providing the information (optional).

A1C James P. Allen

U.S. Air Force

820 Red Horse Squadron

Nellis AFB, Nevada

Son of John and Jo Ann Allen of Beason

2001 graduate of Lincoln Community High School

A1C Jerome A. Allen

U.S. Air Force

At Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada

Postal address: 5805 Mountain Home St.

Unit J-13

Nellis AFB, NV 89191


Son of John and Jo Ann Allen of Beason

2000 graduate of Lincoln Community High School


SST Kenneth Allen
and wife Susan Allen (Elza)

U.S. Army-1AD-HHC

Weisbaden, Germany

E-mail: or

Jon Barton

West Point, N.Y.

Jon Bowers

Lackland Air Force Base, Texas

Josh Campbell


Justin Clott

U.S. Navy


Staff Sgt. Evan Jay Downey, Karen and Ethan

U.S. Air Force

Mildenhall Air Force Base, England

1988 graduate of LCHS

Son of Lucky Eichner

LTJG Frederick V. Dehner

U.S. Navy

Currently en route from Saldina, Italy, to the USS Annapolis, stationed at Groton, Conn.

Home on leave: Contact at 732-2861 


Son of Philip and Connie L. Dehner

1984 graduate of Lincoln Community High School

Ben Estes

Fort Benning, Ga.

Tech. Sgt. Veronica Hasprey

39 CES

Prime Beef Deployed

Operation Northern Watch

APO AE - 09396 - 5000

[to top of second column in this section]

A1C Chad M. Maxheimer
U.S. Air Force

Hurlburt Field, Fla.


Son of Mike and Suzie Maxheimer of Chestnut and Michelle Lowe of Mount Pulaski

2000 graduate of Mount Pulaski High School

Kevin McGinnis


Philip Nodine

Army National Guard

Fort Jackson, S.C.

In basic training

Michelle K. Ramlow


At Pentagon

Postal address: 5409-B Steeplechase Drive

Fredericksburg, VA 22407


Maj. James E. Reineke,
Deborah, Nathan, Emily

Air Force

Misawa Air Base, Japan


Pvt. Christian B. Skelton

U.S. Army

Scheduled to graduate from AIT in late March.

He and his wife will go to Germany in April.

Postal address: A CO 1-19th INF ITB

4th Platoon

Fort Benning, GA 31905-5630


2001 graduate of LCHS

Husband of Nahani Lynn Skelton

Erika L. Slayton

Illinois Air National Guard, 183rd Fighter Wing

Frankfurt, Germany

Postal address: Erika Slayton


PSC 5 Box 1000

APO AE 09050

E-mail address: 

Daughter of Lloyd (Ed) and Bridget Slayton

Robby, Ami-Jo and Angela Spickard

National Guard medical support

Tech. Sgt. Thomas Yarcho

U.S. Air Force

At Ramstein Air Base, Germany


Class of 82


Ongoing class reunion in cyberspace for 1960 graduates of LCHS


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