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Monday, February 12, 2007

posted daily OVER THE NOON HOUR  (CsT)

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Surprise your valentine by proclaiming your love to everybody in Logan County and the world with a Valentine Happy Ad in Wednesday's edition of LDN. 

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LDN publishes all obituaries free of charge and accepts pictures for obits free of charge. The full text of the obituaries is available online free of charge in Logan County and across the world. E-mail condolences are available from subscribing funeral homes. Ask your funeral director to make sure the obituary of your loved one is placed in Lincoln Daily News.


Saturday, Feb. 10:

  • Obama declares he's running for president  [CNN]

    • Obama running in '08 to 'lead a new generation'  [MSNBC]
      Illinois Senator declares candidacy at site where Lincoln once held office

    • Learn more about Sen. Obama’s positions  [Obama's Senate website]

  • President declares major disaster for Illinois Logan County included in ice storm disaster aid

  • Federal aid programs for disaster recovery

  • Illinois enters into intergovernmental agreement with USDA to conduct surveillance of game bird and poultry farms
    Gov. Blagojevich announces grant for additional monitoring of avian influenza

  • State human service agency saves more than $1 million annually by reducing dependence on paper forms

  • Recall information

  • Court reports

  • Marriages

  • Dissolutions

  • Governor takes bill action

  • Bomke calls for special session on electric rates

  • Brady: Pension reforms would save taxpayers money, give employees more control

  • Letter: Why the differences in sentences in children's deaths?

  • Home Country: Starting up a charitable organization

  • High school boys basketball

  • College men's basketball
    At Laughlin Center: Lincoln Christian College vs. Westminster; WC won 75-63

  • College women's basketball
    At Laughlin Center: Lincoln Christian College vs. Westminster, WC won 72-49

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