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Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010

published daily from 8am
Lincoln, Illinois

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Friday, Oct. 29:

  • Rusty's Clubhouse & Grill to remain open

  • Rio Grande Authentic Mexican Restaurant expands

  • Knuth, aka Tattoo, gets 45-year sentence

  • Halloween at the park district -- Album 1

  • Halloween at the park district -- Album 2

  • Lincoln Fire Department introduces new program for senior citizens

  • Unemployment falls in every metropolitan area for 1st time since '07

  • National Weather Service reports storm system earlier this week set record low pressure readings

  • Low college student turnout, high costs for early campus voting

  • Salvation Army 'Warm for the Weather,' 'Holiday Happiness in Atlanta,' and a Dennis and Bev Tibbs fundraiser make Close Up

  • 2010-2011 Illinois basketball -- preseason ramblings
    By Greg Taylor

  • Red Lions' NCCAA regional volleyball tournament schedule

  • Logan Lanes:

    • Bumpers

    • Junior-Senior

    • Logan Lassies

    • Preps

  • AP news

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