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Thursday, March 17, 2016
published daily from 8am Lincoln, Illinois

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On Monday evening, Lincoln aldermen were shown a model of a new sculpture local artists Jason Hoffman and Moses  Pinkerton would like to build for the city. The piece would be placed at the corner of Pekin Street and North Kickapoo as an accent to what will someday be a remodeled public parking lot for the city and Lincoln Public Library. Aldermen had mixed emotions about the artwork and also concerns about the artists' request for $2,200 for construction materials.  Some felt that especially at the chosen location, the modern sculpture
would enhance the tourist experience during the annual Art in the Park Festival. 

Steve Parrott said he felt the modern art was contradictory to the nostalgic feel of the city as it works to identify itself with the iconic Route 66. Jonie Tibbs also did not find the artwork pleasing. Having just before this heard from Boy Scout Caleb Meader about a monument he wishes to build at the Lincoln Depot, Tibbs commented she'd rather give the $2,200 to the scout. The city council will vote on whether or not to approve the sculpture possibly as soon as this coming Monday evening.

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