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August 07, 2017
published daily from 8am Lincoln, Illinois

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Hannah Crider smiles happily at the end of her cake being auctioned off at the annual Cake Classic at the Logan County Fair on Sunday evening. Hannah's cake was the first place winner and also the high-bid winner bringing in $1,000 for the 4-H Foundation. The cake, a white angel food, was purchased by Marvin Bartman. Presenting Hannah with an additional gift was Darcie Culler of Culler Fries.

LDN will have additional photo coverage from the auction on Tuesday.

Photo by Nila Smith    (Click on image for larger version)


The 81st Logan County Fair
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2017 Logan County Fair

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Sivori foods and drinks, a Logan County Fair staple

Friday, August 4

Floriculture - Potted Plants & Glads - Slideshow
Dairy & Culinary - Cakes, Candies & Snack Foods - slideshow

Saturday, August 5

Chili Cookoff - slideshow
Talent Show - slideshow

For the first time at the Logan County Fair, Lincoln Mayor Seth Goodman was among the competitors at the Sunday evening Demolition Derby. Another first this year was the presence of a rider in the cars with the competitors. Several, but not all of the 54 cars participating in this year demo derby had a driver and a rider. The Demo Derby this year was bigger and better than has been seen at the fair for the past few years, lasting right at four hours. In addition to Goodman, Lincoln attorney Jim Grimaldi returned this year, and there were a number of female drivers this year.

LDN will have additional coverage of the Demo Derby on Tuesday.

Photo by Nila Smith

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