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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


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In 1858 Abraham Lincoln became the owner of this lot across from the Logan County Courthouse. The 523 Pulaski St. site is where Sherwin-Williams stands today. The first of a series of markers to identify Abraham Lincoln sites throughout Logan County was unveiled there Tuesday. Lloyd Ostendorf paintings are featured in the markers.

The Logan County Railsplitting Association sponsored this marker in memory of Lester O. Sheridan. Historian Paul Beaver said that Sheridan was a man who had dedicated his life to making the connection of Abraham Lincoln to the city of Lincoln and Logan County known. 

Pictured (left to right) are members of the Logan Railsplitting Association and others: John Sutton, Ron Keller (Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Committee), Gwen Tibbs, Daris Knauer, Lauren Harmon (manager of Sherwin-Williams), Paul Beaver, Darlene Begolka (association president), Geoff Ladd, Charlie Ott and Diana Pagel.          [picture by Jan Youngquist] click on picture for larger image


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Monday, July 2:

  • Rained-out St. Jude fundraiser rescheduled
    Main Street Lincoln and Railsplitter Antique Car Club to host events on July 28

  • Sec. Chertoff statement re: Scotland airport bombing

  • No escaping Texas' record June rainfall

  • N.C. toddler found safe in woods

  • Recall information

  • Nuclear energy hot topic once again

  • California town for sale again

  • Man born in 1901 becomes U.S. citizen

  • This day in history

  • The nation's weather

  • Crime Stoppers: Vandals damaging vehicle, residence and business windows
    Citizens asked to watch for suspicious vehicles

  • Gov. Blagojevich announces Illinois minimum wage increases to $7.50 an hour

  • 44th District weekly update

  • Illinois' budget overtime session costs equivalent to a year's new teacher salary for each day

  • Texas begins desalinating sea water

  • 7-Elevens become Simpsons 'Kwik-E-Marts'

  • Investors weigh commercial spaceflight

  • If you have Japanese beetles, you may want to do something; they'll be back
    Japanese beetle update, evergreen pruning and yellow grass
    By John Fulton

  • Older farmers keep on planting after 65

  • Park district notes: Kids' outdoor adventure day and dog training

  • CIEDC to host second annual Cheeseburger in Paradise fundraiser

  • Key to a good marriage? Share housework

  • Sen. Brady announces scholarship winners

  • University for deaf put on probation

  • Bogus toothpaste now in 6 states, Canada

  • Moore's 'Sicko' gives accused little say

  • MKS in Clinton tournament

  • Racing results: Saturday at Lincoln Speedway

  • Bowling schedule: Sign up now

  • ISU at Missouri State slated for Gateway TV

  • Major League Baseball:

    • NL roundup: Rookie sparkles as Giants rout D-Backs

    • AL roundup: Hargrove stuns Mariners by resigning

    • Sunday's scores

    • Team standings and schedule

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