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Saturday, June 5, 2010

published daily from 8am
Lincoln, Illinois

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Friday, June 4:

  • 2 county ordinance modifications to be proposed:
    Zoning violation penalty adds bite
    Building permit fee structure supports private wind turbine development

  • Scully Building restoration continues -- album

  • Blagojevich trial: Jurors will remain anonymous

  • Judge, bugs outshine Blago with jury pool

  • New court fees would help state police -- at expense of local departments

  • This day in history

  • Eagle Crest Camp sign-up, New Holland Cruz-In, Middletown Alumni Association, Erich Maxheimer and summertime pictures

  • Lost cat alert

  • Police report

  • Fire and rescue reports

  • Logan Lanes: 'Have A Ball' League

  • AP news

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